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  • Chapter 7 is the type of bankruptcy where no debts are repaid. For chapter 7 cases we charge a flat fee.
  • *Unlike chapter 7 cases, reorganization chapters such as chapter 13 and chapter 11 will incur additional attorney fees which are billed by the hour and paid by a bankruptcy trustee through a bankruptcy payment plan after it has has been approved by the bankruptcy court. Because these additional fees are charged by the hour, and are not a flat fee like the chapter 7, they are difficult to estimate in advance. However, chapter 13 additional attorney fees can exceed $3,500 (which would add $58/mo to a 60 month payment plan) and chapter 11, small business subchapter V fees can exceed $20,000.

Deciding whether or not to file bankruptcy is a big decision, and one of the biggest factors is the impact that bankruptcy will have on your credit score. As you probably know, a credit score ranges from 350 to 850. Below 600 is generally considered “poor”, around 650 is considered “good” but not “excellent”, and 720 and above is considered “excellent.”

For each and every one of our clients, we run a credit score simulation showing your current score, and what your credit score will be 12 months after bankruptcy based on credit scoring models and statistics provided by Equifax, Transunion, Experian, and LexisNexis. Here is an example of one of our actual clients, who had a somewhat typical credit score recovery projection.

In this example, this person’s score was 525 at the time of the bankruptcy, and projected to be 627 12 months after the bankruptcy which is a 112 point improvement.

Out of our last 1,000 client for whom we have run this analysis, here are the average credit score recovery numbers:

Average Credit Score before bankruptcy: 561

Average Credit Score 12 months after bankruptcy: 640

Average Credit Score Effect: +79

Note that this credit score projection does make some assumptions. It assumes that you will take certain specific actions in order to rebuild your credit-worthiness; that you will get a new credit card after bankruptcy with a $500 limit and maintain a $300 balance on that card, with all payments made on time.

Looking further into your post-bankruptcy credit expectations, Fair Isaac (who provides the FICO scoring model) provides a a score simulator on their website Myfico.com. Their simulator shows that a person can obtain an “excellent” or 720 FICO score 3 years after bankruptcy.

For more specific information about credit after bankruptcy, looks for my other articles relating to getting a mortgage loan after bankruptcy, and how long to obtain an “excellent” credit score after bankruptcy.

When you file bankruptcy in Las Vegas, in theory you surrender everything you own to the bankruptcy trustee. However, the state legislature has decided that there are certain assets that a person should be able to keep even if they are filing bankruptcy. These are called “exemptions.”

In Nevada, you may exempt $15,000 for a car; $12,000 for clothes, household furniture and goods; $5,000 for a wedding ring or other jewelry; $10,000 for work tools, machinery or inventory of a sole proprietorship, $1,000 “wildcard” for anything you choose, $550,000 for a house; $500,000 for a qualified retirement account. In Nevada even some types of stocks are exempt, as well as life insurance proceeds.

So in summary, most often a person who files bankruptcy will lose nothing, unless they have valuable assets that are not exempt. If you are concerned about a particular asset you have, please come in for a consultation.[/fusion_text]

Most of our cases are chapter 7 cases where you pay nothing back. A chapter 7 is very fast as it is typically completed in 90 days, and it is the least expensive option. So at this point you’re probably thinking, “well this sounds perfect; that is exactly what I want.” Normally, this is the best option for people. The primary reason that people will file chapter 13 instead of chapter 7 is because they don’t qualify for chapter 7 because they make too much money. If you make too much money, the court will not allow you to have your debts wiped out in a chapter 7. You will be required to pay at least some of your debt back in a chapter 13. Also, in a chapter 7 if you have any assets that are not exempt, like an extra car for example, the bankruptcy trustee will take it from you and sell it and pay your creditors with the proceeds. Chapter 7 will stay on your credit report for 10 yrs, although in my experience it typically takes only 2 years to recover to what we consider a “good” but not “excellent” FICO score of about 650. Also, the mortgage lending guidelines only require you to wait 2 years after discharge in order to get a mortgage loan. There are some other interesting differences between chapters, and that in some cases it makes financial sense to file a chapter 13 even though you are eligible for chapter 7.

Chapter 13 is not quite as common, but still accounts for 20% of the cases filed in the state of Nevada. In a chapter 13 you are required to pay some of your debt back. It could be only 5% of your debt, or in some cases, as much as 100% of your debt. I’d say on average it is about 30-40% of your debt. The amount you have to pay back is determined by your income. Your payment plan in a chapter 13 is 3 years if your income is under median, or 5 years if your income is over median. The fees for a chapter 13 are more expensive – but most of your expense is not in the attorney fees, but in the repayment to creditors. A chapter 13 trustee does not take assets. Chapter 13 can be a very useful tool for rewriting the terms of a loan. For example, we may be able to reduce the interest rate on your car loan, and reduce the principal amount you owe on it as well, and then reamortize your payments over the next 5 years to make your car payments much lower. Also, chapter 13 can allow us to remove voluntary liens such as a second mortgage, which cannot be removed in chapter 7. Chapter 13 stays on your credit for 7 years, the mortgage lending guidelines require you to wait only 1 year after payments start in order to get a mortgage loan.

Chapter 11 is much less common as less than 2% of cases are filed under this chapter. Chapter 11 is very similar to chapter 13 except that it is much more complicated and much more expensive and it is the only available chapter for businesses that want to reorganize.

Yes we do. So there are basically two ways to pay your fees. You can either pay the fees up front, or do the payment plan option.

If you choose to pay the fees up front, this means obviously, that we do not file your case until you have paid all of the fees. However, this is the best option if you can afford to do it because it costs less money in the long run. It might be easier and faster to do the $0 down payment plan because we will file the case before you have to pay anything, and we will be completely done with your case before you even finish paying for it. But you should be aware that over time this will end up costing you more money. Also, if you do the $0 down payment plan, your payments will report on your credit. This is actually a useful tool for recovering your credit score after bankruptcy because a positive payment history will improve your credit score.

The reason that we charge more for a $0 down payment plan is because there is extra work as we have to work around a lot of red tape in order to avoid violating bankruptcy rules and ending up as a creditor in your case. Also, we have the risk of not getting paid our fees which we have to factor in to the cost. Obviously, if you want to move forward you can choose whichever option makes sense for you. Just keep in mind it is less expensive to pay up front, but if you have urgent need to file, then paying the fees in a payment plan might be more realistic for your budget and cash flow.

If your income is under median, then you are automatically eligible for chapter 7 based on your income. However, if your income is over median, then it gets a little more complicated. We must satisfy a formula called “the means test.” The means test is a somewhat complicated form, very similar to a tax return, where we input your gross income and take several types of allowed deductions.

The purpose of the means test is to calculate whether or not you have the “means” to pay back at least some of your debt in a chapter 13. If you pass the means test, (meaning that you do not have the “means” to pay back any of your debt) then you are still eligible for chapter 7, despite your high income. However, if you fail the means test, it means that at least on paper, you have the “means” to pay back some of your debt, and so you would be required to file chapter 13.

From our anecdotal observations of our client’s credit scores after bankruptcy, it appears to me that the better your score is going in to the bankruptcy, the more quickly your credit score will recover after the bankruptcy, and vice versa. E.g., We recently met with a client who showed a 700 FICO score immediately before the bankruptcy and when we pulled her credit report only 5 months after filing the bankruptcy she showed a 650 score.

Because credit recovery goes hand-in-hand with bankruptcy, we’ve discovered 7 steps that will lead to the fastest credit score recovery after bankruptcy. If you take these steps immediately to start rebuilding your credit score after a bankruptcy, you can transform your credit score within 12 to 24 months after your bankruptcy has been discharged. However, you must take these 7 steps. Too many people decide to wipe their hands clean of credit. As time passes, instead of having poor credit, they end up with no credit. Unfortunately, no credit is just as useless as poor credit.

In our opinion the best credit education program to follow is 720 Credit Score. We purchase this program in bulk and offer it to all of our clients. After testing the program, we’ve found without exception that this credit program (7 Steps to a 720 Credit Score) will bring you back to a good or excellent credit score within 2 years after the bankruptcy.

Covid-19 Update: Our offices are still open because we are deemed an essential business. You can complete all of your appointments either in-person or over the phone, whichever you prefer.

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  • Free enrollment to the “7 Steps to a 720 Credit Score” program to help you get back on your feet.

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You’re always welcome to come in person to one of our two convenient Las Vegas offices. However, all appointments can also be done from your couch by video conferencing, like Zoom, or over the phone with a simple call. No need to come in if you don’t want to. We are conveniently open until 8 PM so that those with full-time jobs can come in after work.

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1I had to file bankruptcy and everyone at Ballstaedt Law Firm was really nice and got me through it with ease. Especially Melissa R., when it cam time for the signing she walked me through and made sure I had everything I needed for when it comes time for the hearing. I want to thank her for doing a great job and to keep up the good work. I would strongly recommend Ballstaedt to anyone that needs to file bankruptcy

14Seth Ballstaedt was one of the most considerate and competent attorneys with whom I’ve worked. And I have associated with many attorneys over the past few years, but Seth simply stands out. He demonstrated time and time again that he CARES about clients and their cases. He knows and understands the nuances and minutia of his cases and how the law applies to their specific facts. Most importantly, Seth is genuine and responsive to clients’ questions and concerns. I would recommend him to anybody and everybody.

15The time had come when I had to bite the bullet and file a BK. I chose Ballstaedt Law Firm and was pleasantly surprised when at my first meeting I actually met with Seth Ballstaedt himself. He got me set up and his staff was most helpful along the way. I had great communication with Jolie Long in getting my paperwork together and court schedules. My BK has been discharged from the court with no problems. I highly recommend Ballstaedt Law Firm for your BK needs.

16I was referred to this firm by a friend who won his divorce case and he told me his experience was great, so I decided to hire Brittney and Peggy to represent me in my custody case. I can honestly say that everything couldn’t have gone better for me, I was very pleased with the way I was treated and represented. Brittney and Peggy were always there to answer any questions I had and comforted me all the way to the end of the hearing. If you are looking to represented to the fullest extent by knowledgeable people I advise you hire Ballstaedt Law Firm! Thank you for everything Brittney and Peggy….. .. . SW

Ballstaedt-Yelp-1This firm took over a case of mine from a previous attorney. You’d think that kind of transition would have left me gummed up and stalled in the system. That’s what I feared but it was seamless and I think I got the better end of the deal. They have always been on top of everything in regards to my case and reach out not just to mail me but with a phone call to let me know when things require a little more timeliness in response. The legal assistant, Mary, is friendly, knowledgeable and makes sense of the legal process for me. I appreciated that. I give them two thumbs up, but I would give them more thumbs if I had more than two, so I gave them five stars instead.

Ballstaedt-Yelp-2The time had come when I had to bite the bullet and file a BK. I ended up choosing Ballstaedt Law Firm. On my first visit I actually had a one on one with Seth Ballstaedt himself. He was very friendly and encouraging. He told me all the things I needed to do and accepted payments. Once my payments were in place we got the ball rolling. Jolie Long was very helpful and helping me with my paperwork and getting my court date scheduled. My BK has now been discharged by the court and I am on a new path in starting my life over. I highly recommend Ballstaedt Law Firm for your BK needs.

Ballstaedt-Yelp-3Ballsteadt Law Firm.. WOW!! AMAZING!! 2 words that I can honestly say about this firm. Since the 1st call I made they have gone above and beyond, especially Lori Draper, to keep my mind at peace. I have been able to call with any question and I get an immediate answer if not then in less than 1 hour. I met with Seth Ballasteadt first and he was so calming and took his time to listen and answer what questions I had without making me feel rushed, he made sure I felt comfortable as with the process of BK. From the the first call I made to inquire I felt the calmness because of how friendly and knowledgeable staff. I am now waiting to go to court and even though I am nervous.. I can say that knowing I will have Ballsteadt Law with me gives me some calmness.

Ballstaedt-Yelp-6Mr. Ballstaedt and Melissa were so awesome. I was so nervous to go in and they really explained everything and made me feel better about everything. Tell all your friends to come here, everyone is so helpful!


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