Yes we do. So there are basically two ways to pay your fees. You can either pay the fees up front, or do the payment plan option.

If you choose to pay the fees up front, this means obviously, that we do not file your case until you have paid all of the fees. However, this is the best option if you can afford to do it because it costs less money in the long run. It might be easier and faster to do the $0 down payment plan because we will file the case before you have to pay anything, and we will be completely done with your case before you even finish paying for it. But you should be aware that over time this will end up costing you more money. Also, if you do the $0 down payment plan, your payments will report on your credit. This is actually a useful tool for recovering your credit score after bankruptcy because a positive payment history will improve your credit score.

The reason that we charge more for a $0 down payment plan is because there is extra work as we have to work around a lot of red tape in order to avoid violating bankruptcy rules and ending up as a creditor in your case. Also, we have the risk of not getting paid our fees which we have to factor in to the cost. Obviously, if you want to move forward you can choose whichever option makes sense for you. Just keep in mind it is less expensive to pay up front, but if you have urgent need to file, then paying the fees in a payment plan might be more realistic for your budget and cash flow.