Las Vegas Bankruptcy & Lawsuits

Often in counseling people in financial difficulty, I get the question, “What happens if I just ignore it? What can they do to me?” It’s a good question, and the answer depends on your situation. If you don’t pay a bill, a creditor has various options. Generally, a creditor will sit on a debt for a while to see if you will make good on the [...]

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Can Creditors Get to Me?

As we’ve discussed in prior entries, if you don’t pay a bill, you may be sued by a creditor, who may obtain a judgment against you. However, there are limitations on what a judgment can do. There are certain things that the law says cannot be touched by a creditor as a matter of law. If you do not have anything that a creditor can [...]

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What if I Don’t Have Any Assets?

Every day, I meet with clients considering a Las Vegas bankruptcy and talk about listing their assets. Almost every client tells me the same thing—I don’t own anything! Are you sure? An “asset” doesn’t have to be something physical that you can touch and examine. Have you ever written a song? Written an article? Do you run a business that has a client list? Or [...]

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Las Vegas Mortgage Forgiveness

Since the financial crisis, the short sale market in Las Vegas has exploded. Many people looked to short sale as a way to avoid a foreclosure or bankruptcy. However, there may be a new obstacle on short sales. At the beginning of the financial meltdown, congress passed a measure known as “Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act.” Prior to this act, if you short sold a [...]

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